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Elderly People Targetted By Con Artists

In life we are taught to respect our elders whilst growing up and also taught to not answer back to our elders. In the event of their being a disagreement with an elder we are taught to discuss the differing ideas and to not engage in a heated debate. Even as we grow old we are told to learn from those older than us and use the wisdom passed down and to implement in our lives.

In the current state of the world we are seeing more and more families putting their parents in care homes when they can no longer look after them and in some cases when they no longer wish to look after them because they want the extra free time for themselves. We are beginning to lose respect for our elders and becoming more selfish in life and forget everything they have done for us when growing up.

In this clip from United Kingdom, we see a group of con artists looking to target the elderly when they are isolated. The clip shows a female talking to an elderly man whilst 2 male sit in the car waiting for their quick getaway. Luckily this time there were other people on hand to save the elderly man as he looked confused when the female got into the car and escaped the scene. Elderly people are becoming an easy target as they are too trusting.

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