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Fake God Man Pressures Girl

On a daily basis we hear countless stories in regards to people being conned out of their live savings or being missold products which leads to financial loss. Most of these people who are caught up in these situations tend to do so due to lack of education on certain subjects or due to being too trusting. When a person has either of these problems they are leaving themselves open to many con artists.

In a country such as India which is riddled with poverty in many areas and there are tends of millions of people with zero education. we tend to see them following people blindly and then making their children follow them in the same path. There are countless “baba’s” across India who have cult followings and prey on the uneducated and grow with the following they have and gain a lot of power.

In this clip we see another insight into what goes on in some of these cults. This story focuses on one fake “baba” who was using his position of power to get what he wanted from a young female follower. The female has now come forward and reveals exactly how she was made to do certain acts against her own wishes and how often her leader would come to her for certain services.

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