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Justin Trudeau Visits Gurdwara

The Sikh diaspora worldwide celebrated Vaisakhi today and attended their local gurdwaras with their families. The celebrations are big every year and countries outside of India such as Canada, USA and UK will have major nagar kirtans to mark the day. The biggest nagar kirtan which attracts over half a million people will take place in Surrey, Vancouver on 20 April this year.

The Canadian Sikhs love to celebrate in big fashion and their preparations start months in advance. Politicians and the Prime Minister of Canada are ever-present in the Gurdwara and hold special events inside of Parliament as they acknowledge the great contribution by Sikhs all over Canada. This year is no different and today Justin Trudeau visited a gurdwara along with Harjit Sajjan.

In this clip we see the moment the pair attended and he was joined by his security team. Whilst we see the prime minister and the minister of defence removing their footwear before entering, the actions of one of the security men has grabbed all of the attention. The man can be seen disrespecting the beliefs of the Sikh religion by failing to remove his footwear, and instead concealing it by wearing shoe covers.

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