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Love Triangle In Married Home

We all look for the correct formula which will provide us happiness for the rest of our lives. With every person leading different lives and making differing decisions, a formula which works for 1 person will not necessarily work for everybody. The base of this quest would begin at home and a happy home life will spread into a happy working life and vice versa.

When it comes to marriage, newly married couples go through a “honeymoon” period where everything will be as they wish and they will have little to think about. This period is when the couple is trouble-free and have little concerns as they make the most of getting to know their partner and preparing for the rest of their lives together. Some time after this period will come the “rocky patch” where there will be some difficulties.

Not every marriage last forever and like everything else in life it will have an expiry date. There are certain factors which nobody will ever consider when thinking of how a marriage can end prematurely. In this clip we see one of these scenarios. The clip focuses on a husband who left his wife for his sister-in-law (wifes sister). This incident took place in Amritsar, Punjab and has left the local community confused as to how this happened.

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