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Married Woman Punished By Villagers

When growing up parents will try to educate their children on what it right and what is wrong. Whether or not the children continue in these beliefs as they grow older is their own personal choice. At the end of the day we are responsible for our own actions and nobody else can be blamed for all we do wrong in life.

Sometimes in life we will be supported by those closest to us and will continue to educate us all our life and keep us in check which in turn keeps us out of trouble. For those who do not have this layer of support, they may well find themselves on the receiving end at several times in their lives. The responsibility on our shoulders will increase once married and there are children in the picture.

In this clip from India we see a group of local villagers taking part in a procedure created to embarrass a married woman who was alleged to have carried on meeting with her male friend after marriage. The men from the village joined in and danced to music as the woman was made to carry out a ritual on her husband who was also brought into this charade. This behaviour is on the rise in India as people get engaged in the lives of others.

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