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Men Excited At Wedding Celebrations

Punjabi weddings are known to be colourful and lavish celebrations. The costs of weddings is increasingly on the rise and those who are well off will spend tens of thousands of pounds or dollars as they make it a day to remember. Whilst a lot of focus is placed on catering to ensure the guests are provided with good food, there are many other high costs which increase the bills.

Most catering services will charge a fixed fee per head and then charge for waiters on top to serve the food. Food is amongst the biggest costs on the actual wedding day and in Punjabi weddings other high costs include jewellery and clothes. A lot of attention is also focused on the post party venue and the entertainment which will be provided for the guests to join in on whilst the bride and groom get ready before being presented to everybody for the cake cutting ceremony and their first dance.

In this clip we see a renown entertainment group in Punjab performing at a wedding. The one point which sticks out is the dance floor is full of men and it is only men who join the performer on stage. As per typical actions by men who may have had a few glasses of alcohol, they feel they must shower the performer with hard cash and join in with a dance on the stage. This type of behaviour has become the norm at these types of events.

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