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Mukh Mantri Being Tricked By Builders

When children are growing up they are often encouraged by their parents to do well in school and to look to get good grades so they can become doctors or lawyers. These professions are associated with high wages and a good education. Sometimes the pressure of trying to live up to a parents expectations can weigh a child down and affect their studies and not every child wishes to be a doctor or a lawyer.

There are other professions which come with a lot of responsibility and are not given the recognition they deserve. These professions are associated with trade and include builders, plumbers and electricians. We all need these tradesmen at various points of the year and tend to struggle to find a good one which can be trusted and shows up on time. These men are considered manual labour and operate on a hourly basis.

In this clip we see why people in these professions are not always trusted and why it is difficult to find some who can be trusted. When it comes to these trades every trades person has their own way of working and will follow their own rules. This clip highlights the new building of a house in Punjab where it is being reported the builders are cutting corners and not providing the service for which they are being paid well for.

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