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Plane Comes Down In Residential Area

When we think of major cities around the world we commonly associate the largest airports being located in the capital. However, this may not necessarily be the case as a lot of land is required to build an airport and it must be a certain distance away from residential land to prevent any serious casualties in the event of a crash close to landing or when taking off.

Another factor to consider is the cost of staying in these major cities tends to be high and therefore the airport tax will be considerably more than flying to another nearby airport and travelling by train or car may be a cheaper alternative. Some cities have more than 1 airport, such is the size of the city. Countries which are located on islands will also have airports located off the coastal water or in some cases near beaches which will be heavily populated.

In this news from Chile we see what happens when a plane comes down close by to houses. The plane was said to have gotten tangled in some power lines after it had taken off from a nearby airport. The airport is called La Paloma and there have been calls for the airport to be shut down after this incident ended up with the loss of 6 lives. The footage shows the tale of the plane in the road whilst a big ball of flame engulfs a house which was struck by the plane.

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