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Police Officer Takes Advantage Of Women

Law enforcement was put in place to govern law and order. The mere idea of police officers walking the streets is supposed to deter criminals from carrying out acts which will land them in trouble. However, this does not seem to be the case as crime rates are increasing worldwide. In certain regions the criminals are protected by police officers and they are part of a syndicate which profits from activities on the side.

In certain regions, police officers do not have a choice than to work with organisations who are known to be criminals. There are various reasons for this and the main seems to be manpower or lack of resources to combat those against the law. Over time citizens become used to this business transaction between the two and would rather stay away from the police and have others deals with their issues.

Officers are also known to take advantage of their positions amongst law enforcement and will overstep their authority. In this clip from India we learn of an officer who was taking advantage of females who were coming into contact with him. The officer believed he would be above reprieve due to his role and nobody would be looking to take and charges against him seriously. When there is hard evidence, it will be hard for any defence lawyer to get him out of this mess he has gotten himself into.

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